Thursday, May 14, 2009


I rode out to the Port of Vancouver for another shot at the 10-mile time trial put on by the Vancouver Bike Club. Sunny. Yay! Windy. Booo... The way out to Frenchman's Bar was rough. I was going as hard as I can and could barely make 17mph. But at the turnaround it was AWESOME! 23mph spinning out. Wooooooo!!!!!!

I ended up with a time of 29min 23sec for an average of 20.35 mph. This was almost a minute faster than last time in worse conditions. Improvement is what keeps me going, so this was a huge boost.

Note: I did not get my swim in (again) this morning. :-( Hoping to get my heiny out of bed in tomorrow and get it done.

Bike 1: 5:30pm, 00:43:33, 9.38 miles
Commute to the time trial and rolling around the parking lot over and over again to stay warm.

Bike 2: 6:30pm, 00:22933, 10 miles
Last time = 19.82 mph
This time = 20.35 mph

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