Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sights on a Rest Day

Only a couple more workouts until a rest day. Based on how I felt after today's run, it can't come soon enough.

Swim: 11:30am, 00:32:53, 1500 meters
300m WU
8 x 50m drills
7 x 100m @ 20sec rest
100m CD
I modified my original 2500m workout b/c this is all that I could get in at lunch. I used fins during the drills -- what a difference! And all of my 100's were under a 2:00 pace. Even though I'm not swimming quite as much as I should, I'm still making some progress and gettin' my swim groove back.

Run: 5:30pm, 00:41:09, 3.18 miles
I made it about 1/3 into the run and was done. I'm starting to get shin splints (or something painful) on the insides of shins and my achilles are acting up. Probably a simple case of "too much too soon". I was also in a crummy mood from a long week at work. So I had two options: 1) call it a day and walk home and enjoy the sunshine or 2) crank the music to full volume, suck it up, and run home. I reasoned that running would get me home sooner than walking, so I blasted the music and gritted my teeth. Unfortunately, 3 high-school wannabe skater boys insisted on hogging the sidewalk and refused to give me an inch of room to get by. Did I mention that I was in a really crummy mood? I plowed on through with a sarcastic "pardon me boys". Good thing I have bigger shoulders than them. Also a good thing that I didn't get my ass kicked. I'll have to work on reigning in the temper.

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Molly said...

Yep, rest day is a good thing! :) I notice I'm a little crankier these days with all the training, so it's not just you!