Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunshine and Good Friends

Sunshine and good friends are a cure-all. Today was 100% better than yesterday. I'm exhausted, yes, but my attitude was much more positive than yesterday. Jenn and I did the RACC route through Clark County -- I rode a little over 50 miles, she continued on to do the full 65 (and maybe more). It was gorgeous! Then I got my fuzz threaded (I'm on Accutane and can't get brow waxes -- threading turns out to be a great alternative), dropped off the bike for a tune-up at a really awesome shop (Veloce Bikes), a pedicure with my woman of honor Desi, and now some quality couch time. I have my long run tomorrow and then a REST DAY!!!!

Bike: 7:45am, 03:50:44, 53.83 miles
The hills weren't as hard as a couple of weeks ago, although I think I complained a little more than last time. The sun/temperature was amazing and not too much traffic. The only bummer was that I had a minor crash coming to a stop sign (me and my rockin rookie skillz) and banged up my wrist and knee pretty good. Jenn must of thought it looked super cool and did basically the same thing a handful of miles later. But she drew more blood. We're okay, the bikes are okay, and we moved on with our egos mostly okay. About a mile from my house (where I was stopping) Jenn got a flat. On the rear tire of course. But she changed it like a pro. Despite the few random incidents, I had such a fun ride!

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