Monday, May 18, 2009

Last Day of Week 3

About midway through Week 3 I was exhausted and couldn't WAIT for a rest day. Then suprisingly I felt pretty good after the long Saturday ride. It's amazing what a little vitamin D will do for ya. Sunday morning I planned on a LSD run (Long Slow Distance...not acid...although that would probably make for a more entertaining run) with Jessica. I always have a fun time running with her. We're a good pace for each other and because we want to actually talk, it keeps our HR in check.

Run: 9:00am, 00:51:39, 4.05 miles
Despite the early hour (for a Sunday), it was quite hot out, especially in the full sun. As much as I'm looking forward to more of this weather, it does take a bit of adjustment for training. Fun run.

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