Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 4 Plan

Week 4, Base Phase

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Swim 2500m, Run 0:30 Z2

Wednesday: Bike 0:30 Z2, quick transition, Run 0:15 Z2

Thursday: Swim 2500m, Bike 0:30 Z1 100+ rpm

Friday: Run 0:45 Z2

Saturday: Bike 1:30 Z2

Sunday: Run 1:00 Z1-Z2

TOTAL: 7 hours

Sort of a "recovery" week of sorts. Saturday & Sunday I'll be camping out of town, but plan to bring the bike, trainer, and running shoes.

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Duane said...

Isn't it funny we consider 7 hours a recovery week?! Brandy (My road to Ironman) and I work in the same office and people just look at us like we are nuts when they find out about our exercise. But I guess we had a paradigm shift as we think we are normal and they are crazy for not exercising a lot! (I use to one of them). Great job on taking the bike and trainer with you! I took mine to elk camp in 07, seemed normal! Have a great trip!