Monday, May 18, 2009

End of Week 3

Woot! Only 27 more weeks! This week was generally good. I had a couple of rough days and got a little freaked out. Like "it's way too early to be this tired". But I suppose that's how IM training goes. As long as the good days outweigh the difficult ones, then I'm doing okay. This weeks plan was for 8 hours and I logged over 10. Ahead of schedule, but not overdoing it.

The Stats:
Swim - 1.17 hours (3300 meters)
Bike - 5.56 hours (80.41 miles)
Run - 3.53 hours (16.36 miles)
Transitions - 2 mins
TOTAL = 10.30 hours

Weight/Body Progress:

Weight - down 3.75 pounds for the week (3.5 pounds total)
Stomach - down 0.5 inch for the week (0.5 inch overall)
Hips - down 1.0 inch for the week (1.0 inch overall)
Thigh - no change (down 0.5 inch overall)
Bicep - down 0.25 inch (down 0.25 inch overall)

Okay, yay, finally some measurable progress!

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