Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 4 Recap

As much as I try, things do not always go as planned. Week 4 of training was a disaster, as far as training is concerned. As far as life is concerned, it was mostly quite wonderful. The first half of the week was filled with long hours at work and a coporate/third party audit. Major yucky. The second half of the week was spent prepping for our annual pilgrimage to the Lochsa River in Idaho...and then the actual mini-vacation itself. More on that later, but I will note that I did not realize how close to a crazy stressful meltdown I was until I put myself in some of the most beautiful country in the northwest and let my body decompress a bit. Training was not the most important thing on my schedule this week.

The recap:
Swim - 0.44 hours (1200 meters)
Bike - 1.58 hours (23.06 miles)
Run - 0.72 hours (3.75 miles)
Transitions & hiking - 1.08 hours
TOTAL = 3.83 hours

Yikes, that's a far cry from my plan of 7 hours. I hope week 5 will be better.

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