Friday, August 14, 2009

Week 16

I'm heading into the last 2 days of week 16, so I'll spare you the details of what the plan was supposed to be. I'm mostly on track this week. Feeling a little refreshed after a bit of recovery last week. And my body is almost back to normal from the 3-day hangover following the celebration of my final days as a single lady. I don't drink. Well, I did that night. But not normally. It makes for a really ugly morning after.

Here's the weekly photo. I didn't take measurements this week, but I'm down another pound to 168.5. And that's after eating lunch. (And yes, that is boob sweat in the photo. I just finished 5.25 miles at a 10:50 pace, which is fast for me.)
And a nice side-view comparison of this week compared to one of the earlier weeks.

And my new shoes! I remember when I would have a pair of running shoes for about 3 years. This is like my 10th pair in 3 years. I *heart* my Mizunos!

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Anonymous said...

Sarah your side by side pic is FABULOUS!! Check you out. And I am laughing about the running shoes. Jon gets on me about my mine. If I say my legs hurt he says... get new shoes! He is crazy when it comes to replacing his shoes every 90 days no matter what!