Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weeks 9-10

Week 9
1/29/2012 - 2/4/2012
Yes, I'm still wearing Christmas-themed pajamas in this February photo.  Judge away.
Milestones: Baby has grown about an inch since last week.  Amazing!
Size of Meatball: A green olive.  That doesn't seem like an inch bigger than a blueberry, but who am I to argue with the pregnancy websites.
Symptoms: If someone has ever had it, I've got it too.  I'm like a walking cliche of pregnancy.  And not only can I still not poop like a normal person, I am now a walking whoopee cushion.  Never have I been this attractive!
Food cravings: Watermelon is my life force.  I had a couple of plain bagels this week too.
Food aversions: Seriously, I can't talk about food right now.
Exercise: Not a damned thing. So sad.
Weight gain: I lost 1.6 lb this week and am down 6 lb total.

Week  10
2/5/2012 - 2/11/2012
Yep, a bloated belly shot in my undies.  And you thought the Christmas pants in February couldn't be topped.

Milestones: No real milestones, but I'm amazed at how I can simultaneously lose weight and have a monster belly happening at the same time.  Mother Nature is funny sometimes.
Size of Meatball: A little wrinkly prune.  How appropriate, since they are becoming a staple in my diet these days.
Symptoms: I'm still living a glamorous life of dry heaving, night sweats, not pooping, and washing/brushing my hair about once a week.  Don't worry, I'm still showering.  Um, most of the time.  But the next person who sits next to me in a meeting with a cup of aromatic coffee might end up with a lap full of half-digested watermelon.
Food cravings: I ate chocolate cake once.  Okay, twice.
Food aversions: Everything is still disgusting.  Except for watermelon, of course.
Exercise: Only 1 long walk.  Leaving the bed is downright impossible these days.
Weight gain: I only lost a lb this week.  I'm down 7 lb total.

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Here and there said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaa this is awesome! So hilarious. I think you look great, but sorry about the appetite thing. I'm too old for the baby part, but I could sure use that diet.