Monday, November 8, 2010

After a really long "off season", I'm finally ready to start logging workouts and weight loss again.  I have four weeks until Ironman training officially starts.  Less than 30 days to turn my habits around.  Start waking up at 4:30am (and actually getting out of bed too!), deciding to drive to the gym after work instead of home to the couch, donning my suit/cap/goggles at lunch hour instead of heading to pizza with friends (actually taking a lunch hour), and generally taking better care of myself.

Week 1 of IM training begins with 6 hours of swimming, biking, and running, plus a couple of TRX sessions.  Based on previous experience, I need to head into that week thinking "this is easy!"  Ten weeks later the first real build phase starts.  Also based on previous experience, I need to have a good chunk of my weight loss taken care of by then or it just isn't gonna happen.  15+ hour training weeks combined with dieting always ends up with a sobbing monster puddled up on the locker room floor.  (Girlfriends who have witnessed such instances - you are still sworn to silence.)

Memorable training moments from the past week
- Beating my annual run mileage from last year!
- Running with Jenn again, even though she made me do speed work.  :-)
- Doing a handstand in TRX.

Swim: 0 meters - but to be fair, I've had a horrible head cold and just rejoined the gym a few days ago
Bike: 27.5 miles - all trainer miles
Run: 10.82 miles - lowest running miles in awhile...I'm recovering from 3 big races in a row
Strength: 0.83 hours
TOTAL = 4.8 hours

The stuff I hate putting out in public
Weight loss: 3.6 pounds down...21.4 to go
Measurements: I forgot to take any...

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