Saturday, July 18, 2009

Week 12 Update

I've had some highs and lows this week. The highlight is in purple. :-)

Bike: 01:10:00, 17.36 miles
Trainer ride in front of a spinning video. The hot room combined with the Tuscson scenery, I really felt like I was in Arizona. Okay, maybe not, but it was better than riding in the upper 90 degree sun and rush hour traffic. Yeah, I'm a wimp.

Swim: skipped it. The bike felt really good...and then I was toasted.

Swim: 00:31:11, 1400 meters
I felt like I was drowning. And the water walkers and pre-teens were putting me in a bad mood. I had to change lanes twice because, despite the open lanes, people insisted on getting into mine. WTF? I was getting ready to flip turn off a 12 year old's abdomen and instead decided to go for my run.

Run: 01:01:09, 4.79 miles
I both felt and looked like I was drowning. Yes, while running. On dry land. It was that bad.

Bike: 03:53:00, 59.41 miles

My friend Bill took me out on a ride in his neck of the woods on the west side. We started in Beaverton at the Scholls Ferry/Murray intersection, rode out to Hagg Lake, went around the lake, and then back to Beaverton. Lots of hills. Bill likes hills. I do not. Bill is good at hills. I am not. BUT...this was a really fun ride. He actually rode with me, instead of saying he'll ride with me yet riding ahead the whole time. I have like only 3 friends that I can count on for that. I don't think anyone pushes the pace intentionally, but it's nice when someone makes a conscious effort to keep things mellow. Hills + my pace = enjoyable time. That doesn't happen very often. We ended up with 4500+ feet of climbing and a successful tackle of my steepest hill ever (18+% grade). Yeah! My only regret is not bringing a camera.

Run: 00:05:31, 0.46 miles
I did a "quick" transition of 3 minutes, which consisted of throwing the bike in the car, throwing on running shoes, running into the Starbucks bathroom, and ignoring funny looks from people in the parking lot. I only had 15 minutes of running on the schedule, but with the dead quads and the sun coming out in full force, I couldn't do it. In hindsight I know that I quit too easily. Ironman training is SUPPOSED to be hard. Time to get it together.

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Molly said...

Um, WOW! 60 miles of riding with 4500 feet of climbing in 4 hours is AWESOME! Way to go!!!!