Monday, May 2, 2011

Photos! Fun!

Washington's version of "spring" during a long run.  Shortly after the taking of this photo I was covered in hail, followed by sun, followed by gale force winds and heavy downpour.  Followed by sun.  And hail.  At the same time.

Return of the ice baths!

My Mom came to visit.  Yay!  She played Zombies on her iPad...  while I did intervals on the trainer.  She did come run with me afterwards though.  And she cooked a freezer and a half of meals.  And ironed.  And grocery shopped.  I love Moms.  My Mom, specifically.

Packages on the doorstep during Ironman season are the best!  This is the first chance I had to try the new PowerBar Perform formula.  SO MUCH better than Gatorade.  It has my seal of approval.  The sad thing about this photo?  This might get me through June.

More "spring" in Washington during a bike ride.  Unfortunately, the race course in Idaho probably looks quite similar.

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