Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week 10 Review

The weeks are starting to scream by. I'm already feeling like I'm gripping the sides of my chair and just holding on for dear life as the wind peels my eyelids wide open and my hair is whipping straight behind me. And I'm not even nailing my plan as it is. Moving along...

Monday: rested

*Swam 1500 meters -- did flip turns during the main set. That was pure comedy.
*Ran 5.23 miles -- it was really hot and I got the Fred Meyer Garden Center dude to hose me down. He looked really scared of me and he got my ass instead of my back. It was a cooler run back home though.

*Biked 12.72 miles -- on the trainer in spin class. This was supposed to be a brick, but I had to get to work. And had I not been a dumbass and screwed up the alarm clock, I would have met Jenn at the predetermined time for a ride around Lacamas Lake followed by a run. She forgave me. :-)

*Ran 2.38 miles -- hilly and hot. This was the rest of my brick from Wednesday...let's just call it a 24hr transition time. Didn't get my bike in b/c I waited too long and then it got hot and then I fell asleep. I did, however, do about 4 hours of yardwork. When I have done a lot of weeding or lifting, I log half of it as "sports" activity. So I'm counting 2 hours.

*Ran 2.42 miles -- nothing exciting here.
*Biked 18.70 miles -- FUN WORKOUT! I have decided that at least 1x/month I am going to do a fun workout with no goals, time requirements, pace expectations, etc. So Jenn and I met up for a ride to River Maden coffee shop in Vancouver. We sipped iced coffees and suntanned for an hour or so and then rode back to Camas. No HR monitors, watches, or bike computers. Well, we didn't look at them. It was fabulous.

*Biked 40.03 miles -- another fun workout (got to ride with Jon and Nadine!), but I did have a time requirement of 3 hours. Didn't quite make it, but it was a hilly route and it was, after all, the 4th of July. I didn't sweat the 20 minutes that didn't happen and went on to celebrate with the rest of the country.

Sunday: No run. :-( But I did get another 5 hours of yucky, laborious yardwork in. Logging 2.5 hours.

Total = 7.49 hours
Total w/ other (weeding, transitions, etc.) = 11.99 hours

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