Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 14 Plan

Wow, we're 1 week away from the half-way point. Does anyone ever feel ready for their first Ironman? When is that supposed to happen?

My plan for the week:

Monday -- rest day

Tuesday --
Run: 5:45am, track, 1:00 Z2 (at 10min, insert 2 x 4min Z4 @ 1.5min jog)
Swim: 7pm, pool, Masters

Wednesday --
Bike: 5:30am, around the lake, 0:45 Z2
Run (brick): right after the bike, 0:30 Z2

Thursday --
Bike: 5:20am, either on the trainer or ???, 1:00 Z2 (at 15min, insert 3 x 5min Z4 @ 3min spin)
Swim: 7pm, pool, Masters

Friday --
Run: 5:30am, from the gym, 1:00 Z2 (at 0:45, insert 7.5min Z4)
Swim: lunch???, pool, 3000m or whatever the heck I can fit in

Saturday --
Bike: 6am, Crown Point, 3:30 Z2 (at 3:20, insert 5min Z4)
Run (brick): right after the bike, 0:30 Z2

Sunday --
Bike: 7am, trainer or from the house, 0:30 Z1 (100+ rpm)
Run: 8am, wherever, 1:15 Z1-Z2

TOTAL = 13:00

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