Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Training for a Triathlon


How I decided to train for a triathlon was easy. How I got to that point is a bit more complicated. Like most people, I went to college after highschool. And like most people, I put on the "Freshman 10", except for it was more like 15 or 20. However, I also put on the Sophomore 10, the Junior 10, and the Senior 10. Except that I had 2 senior years. Yikes! I was still active: skiing, backpacking, hiking, etc. But not nearly as active as when I was younger. And....there was more beer. And wine. And cocktails. You get the idea.

Anyway, fast forward to about a year ago when I started to get serious about working out again. But I'm lazy and really really good at talking my self into or out of things. Like ordering a pizza and watching a movie instead of going for a run. Duh, that's an easy choice. But while I wasn't gaining any more weight, I sure wasn't losing any. And I was tired of being the last one to finish a portage or having my boyfriend carry my boat up a hill because I just couldn't do it. I was also getting sick a lot and generally feeling unhealthy.

Soooooo, while in spin class one day I looked up and saw over 50 pictures of club members who had finished an Ironman. And then on my way out of the gym I saw a sign for Beginner Triathlon training. Hmmmm....the wheels started turning in my head. So I signed up. For meetings. For group bike rides. For swim lessons. I bought a bike. I upgraded my workout gear. I had my gait analyzed and got new running shoes. And I've logged a little too much time online checking out triathlon websites. I developed a training schedule and began sticking to it. Religiously. If I want a pizza, I have to do my workouts first. And then I can go get some cheesy yumminess. But most of the time I end up feeling more like whole wheat pasta with broccoli instead.

Anyway, as of today I've finished 3 full weeks of training and have lost 10 pounds. And for the first time since I was a kid I actually enjoy working out. A month ago I couldn't run a mile without walking. Today I finished my first 5k race without walking. I decided to start blogging all of this so that later on I can look back on my progress. I think I'll put a calendar up (if I can figure it out) with my race dates on it. That way, anyone who gives a crap to read any of this can keep me honest. :-)

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