Wednesday, November 28, 2007

STP - Day 2

I don't remember much about day 2 and unfortunately I didn't make any notes afterwards. I do, however, remember how horribly painful our rear ends were in the morning. It took a few miles before we were able to sit down without a yelp. This occurred after every break, so we quit taking breaks to avoid the whole process.

Morning 2: Brian happy that we'll be leaving shortly and he can go back to sleep.

Morning 2: Airing up the tires -- my super favorite 4:30am activity...

The scenery was beautiful, and if it weren't for the "rolling hills", I probably would have appreciated even more. It was a hot afternoon and many thanks go out to the volunteers staying late for the stragglers. And also to the many home owners towards the finish in Portland who stood on the sidewalks hosing us off as we passed.

We finished around 4 or 5pm, did a quick pass through the expo, and then headed home. A quick shower, (well earned) french fries, and an early bedtime. Aside from the weird looks at work the next week (I was wearing sweats and walking funny for a couple of days), we recovered fairly quickly and I was back on my bike within 2 days. I think I would do it again, although I learned a hard lesson regarding training...

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