Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My First 5K



Today I did my first 5k run. It was a small fundraiser for a local elementary school with lots of kids and a suprisingly good percussion band playing. The perfect low key setting for my first race. If I didn't finish, no one would notice. If I had to cross the finish line walking, the only people there to make fun of me were a bunch of 4th graders.

But I finished and I didn't have to walk. I can't remember the last time I ran over 3 miles without walking even a little bit. Granted, my time today was slow. Just under 40 minutes. But all I really wanted to do was finish in under an hour. I was silently hoping for somewhere around 45 minutes. 39 minutes and whatever seconds isn't so bad when you put it in that perspective. Yay!!!

My good friend, Desi came out and ran with me. Ken did too. I was thankful to have two of my best friends there for some encouragement. Desi taught me some neat tricks for getting up those hills. And they didn't make me feel silly for getting excited (or nervous) about a little 5k "race". At least now I know I can finish the last leg of my first sprint triathlon!

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