Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My First Triathlon!

Blue Lake Triathlon
6/9/2007; Lakeview (Troutdale), OR; 1:44:11

My first triathlon!!! I did it! If someone had told me 6 months ago that I would be finishing a tri in June, I would have laughed, finished my beer, and then gone back to eating my french fries. Hahaha. I know it's no ironman, but I'm still very proud of myself!

I was lucky enough to have my Mom in town to cheer me on, along with my super supportive sweetie-pie. I drove to the lake with Nadine and after getting markered up (Sharpie does NOT come off easily) and bumbling through setting up our transition area, we walked to the water to check out the swim course. I had never actually seen what 800m looks like before and it looked far. I didn't want to look at the water anymore so we walked through the in & out transitions and then did a quick warmup.

As I was changing into my wetsuit about 20m before start time, I found it funny that I had only 4 things in my transition area besides the bike (bike shoes, helmet, run shoes, towel), yet it took me over an hour the night before to get everything together. Anyway, off to the lake for a warmup swim, grease up my legs with Pam, and wait for my wave to start. Before I knew it, the whistle blew and a mass of green-headed people splashed off. I started in the middle and finished in the middle -- passing lots of yellow caps (wave before me) and having a few purple caps pass me (wave behind me) along the way. I came out of the water feeling like I could have gone a lot faster, but it was nice to get on the bike without being too winded.

Me exiting the swim.

On the ride out I had a pretty good head wind and was focusing on how nice the ride back would be. The wind died down near the turnaround point and as I was on my way back, I had...a head wind! Figures...

The rain started as I was transitioning to the run. It didn't bother me at the time, but it was cold and uncomfortable after the race.

Me starting the run leg. My bike must not have been that slow, look at the fit looking chic behind me!

But, back to the run.. It sucked. The only good part was that I am so slow that it's really easy to people watch. There are some real characters that do triathlons! Did I mention how much the run sucked? But about 100 yards before the end of the run, Nadine caught up to me and we crossed the finish line together. Awesome!

Me and Nadine coming down the finish chute.

My Mom, me, and sweetie-pie Ken after the event.

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