Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lacamas Lake 5K


My running partner-in-crime, Nadine, had been having foot and leg pain and opted for the 5k walk instead of the run. So I was again running solo. Cue Johnny Cash on the MP3 and I was off. The course almost immediately flew down a really steep hill. Instead of enjoying the fast pace, I though aloud, "damn, we have to run back up this bitch". Apparantly it hadn't occurred to anyone else because the comment was met with loud groans and dirty looks.

The race tapered to a nice flat run with some gentle hills. My time at mile 2 was just over 20 minutes. Nice! Time to turn on the afterburners & finish with a PR of under 30 minutes. Hahahaha, how silly of me to think such things!

The road started climbing uphill ever-so-slightly. Then it got steeper. And steeper. And holy hilly mother-f*%&er! My stridges became shorter and shorter until I began wondering if I was actually going backwards. A volunteer assured me that I was indeed making progress. I finished in over 37 minutes, which means that last mile took me over 17 minutes to complete. Ouch! It was a great workout though. :-)

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