Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Last Week, A Little Late

Yes, I know it's half way through this week already, but here's my update from last week.  Bettah late dan nevah.  I'm in Louisiana at the moment and their accent has infiltrated my brain.

I headed into this week (um, last week) with one of the nastiest illnesses I've had in awhile, and I was thankful that it was a recovery week so that I could get back to 100% without missing too many key workouts.  The overall volume was weak sauce, but I got lots of rest and even took an extra day off mid-week to rest up a bit more.  Sunday was an all-day travel day from Portland, OR (mid-40s and storming rain) to Baton Rouge, LA (mid-80s and nothing but sunshine).  SUUUUUNSHINE!  Before crashing for the night I managed to muster up the energy for a sunset run along the lakes near LSU.
Swim - 1600 meters (hey, you try swimming with a sinus infection!)
Bike - 45 miles
Run - 11.9 miles
Total - 6.09 hours

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