Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekly Update

After almost a full month of working with Coach Liz, I just recently missed a few scheduled workouts.  Spring allergies served me up with an awesome sinus infection/bronchitis combo, forcing me to take some downtime.  The difference between now and before?  I actually wanted to train, but I physically couldn't.  So overall, I'm still counting the week as a "win".  Attitude is the hardest thing to fix, so now that I'm motivated and encouraged and have my head back in the game, the rest will come a bit easier.  Note that I didn't say "easy", just "easier".  Lots of hard work ahead!  I'm entering a recovery week and then the Ironman-specific build phase begins.  13 weeks until show time!

Last Week's Training Totals:
Swim - 2800 meters (missed a long swim session)
Bike - 94.7 miles
Run - 2.19 miles (missed essentially all the run workouts)
Total - 7.79 hours (vs. a planned 12 hours)

1 comment:

Molly said...

Your Time in Saddle was still pretty darn impressive! Hope you are feeling better.