Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Moving Along

The focus of my blog over the last year has been Ironman. Now that it's over, there's this big gap in my schedule. In my conversations. In my thoughts. Oh dear, I did not realize how one-track minded I had become! Time for a shift in focus.
Yesterday started the first day towards hitting my final weight loss goals. I have lost around 50 pounds over the last 3-4 years (give or take 5, depending on cookie consumption). I have maintained this for about a year. But I still have about 25 to go. IM training wasn't very conducive for weight loss -- lots of sugary stuff during training, constant stress on the body, insane appetite, stressful schedule, not enough sleep. But now I have no excuse.

I have my new starting weight, measurements, and goals. The weight goals will probably change as I go, as I will periodically check my body fat composition (I don't have access to a reliable method on a weekly basis). Stay tuned for progress reports!

Weight = 169 lb
Goals for the week = lose 1 lb, continue working out for recovery (runs of 20-30 minutes, zone 2 rides, swims less than 1000m), plan/shop for/stick to a healthy menu plan
Long term goals = weight of 145 lb, body fat of 20-22%, eat for energy and not for comfort, be healthy!

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