Monday, November 30, 2009

Race Photos

My Mom told me that I had to order the professional race photos. So I did. :-)

Swim start from the helicopter. The turn around is just a bit past the first bridge (Rural Road) that you can see in the distance. We ran over that bridge 6 times during the run course. The path on the right side of the "lake" is also part of the run course. Another one of the swim start, but from water level. It doesn't look so bad!Me coming out of the water. My goggle-eyes are S-E-X-Y! You should see it close-up. Even sexier.

Me on the bike. Take note of the sweet smooooth pavement underneath me. That was awesome. And my stylin' arm warmers (tube socks with the toes cut off). I was in my happy place here.

Me starting the run. Quite the flattering pose, no? Huh, I don't remember doing the chicken-dance during the race. Actually, I think I had just headed out of T2 (note the slathering of sunscreen all over me) and was thinking "boobies = chaffage = ooooowie".
Another one just out of T2. "Seriously? A marathon? Um, I don't think I thought this through very well. Well, shoot."

And how awesome do you think I was feeling when this one was taken.

And now the good parts. :-)

Finish line #1. My leg looks funny, and you can see the chaffing under my arms, but hey, it's the FINISH LINE!!!!

From a different angle.

And the grand finale!

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Kelli P. said...

So proud of you Sarah!