Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 23 - DONE

Biggest week so far is in the books. Yeah! I was light on swimming, but did a century ride and hit almost all of my run workouts. This was the first time I trained straight through a half ironman. Silliness, really. And even though this week was 100% zone 2, I didn't get any recovery other than in intensity.

A little note about our 100 miler on Saturday. I could not/would not have finished this ride without my good friends Jon, Tom, and Jeff. Even though the route was mostly flat (except for those 10 miles in the middle that Jeff forgot about...), the way back was pretty much into a headwind most of the time. I think Jeff has a sixth sense b/c every time I was at the point of wanting to stop and whine/cry/pout, he would pull out in front of me and let me suck his wheel for awhile. So awesome.
So how do I feel after the big weekend? I feel great. Tired, but strong. It's almost indescribable. Like I am invincible...if only I could get one more rest day. I always feel like I need just one more rest day. I'm excited, scared...just about ready to get this thing done. Four more weeks until taper starts. But there is A LOT of work to be done in those 4 weeks.

Here's what I did in Week 23:
Swim = 4800 meters
Bike = 145 miles
Run = 24 miles
Plus some other stuff
Total = 16.5 hours

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