Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 24 Plan

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - run 1:15
Wednesday - swim 1:15, bike 1:00, brick run 0:30
Thursday - bike 1:30
Friday - swim 1:15, run 1:30
Saturday - bike 5:00, run 1:00
Sunday - bike 1:00, run 2:15, swim 1:00
Shooting for 18 hours

So far...
-- I rested on Monday. Rest days are almost harder than the other days. My body needs the rest, my mind needs the rest, but my attitude always takes a dive into the shitter. I know that I am not any fun to be around on Mondays.

-- Today (Tuesday) I ran after work. I went almost 90 minutes instead of 75 and felt fantastic. Except for the bottom of my left foot. It doesn't feel right at all, but I'm going to ice it and baby it this week and see what comes of it. Anyway, 10 minutes into the run I had to do 3 x 6min of Zone 4, with 2min of recovery jog inbetween. 18 minutes of Zone 4 kicked my butt! An ice bath and homebrew made everything better.

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