Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wo, We're Half Way There..

...Wo, Livin' on a Prayer. Wow, half way. It's going to take a couple hundred more hours of dedicated training, and more than a few prayers, to get me ready to toe the line on November 22. Each week brings its share of trials and tribulations, but also each week the feelings of readiness start to overshadow the feelings of self-doubt.

Week 14 Milestones:
--At the first sign of getting sick I, for once, listened to my body and took a brief break. This led to finishing the week strong...instead of sick in bed.
--I had a PR at the VBC time trial on Thursday night. Not quite 21mph, but I'll get there soon. I also puked all of my pre-ride fuel all over the street on the ride back home. It was very impressive.
--I finally finished the entire brick run after my long Saturday ride. And felt awesome the whole time!
--And then did it again on Sunday.
--Got wedding invites out. Okay, this isn't tri related, but those things have been haunting me for weeks!

Week 14 Totals:
Swim = 3650 meters (horrible, but I'm disgruntled with my masters class and am having to rework my schedule to get the swims in)
Bike = 69.38 miles (okay)
Run = 14.92 miles (mostly on track...want another 5-6/wk at this point)
Plus some transitions and such.
TOTAL = 9.29 hours

Week 15 Goals:
--No missed workouts. Except for Sunday b/c my bachelorette party is Saturday night. Considering I got drunk off 2 beers yesterday (yeah, TWO beers), I will surely feel like dog ass on Sunday.
--Break 21 mph at the TT on Thursday. I'm going to do it! Well, unless I don't. But I'm not giving myself that option.
--Go to bed on time. I think this key to meeting the previously stated goals for the week.

Week 15 Plan:
Mon - rest day
Tue - swim 60min; run 1hr w/ intervals
Wed - bike 45min; run 30min (do as brick)
Thu - swim 60min; bike 1hr (TT)
Fri - swim 60min; run 1hr
Sat - bike 4hr; run 30min (do as brick)
Sat night - God help me
Sun - sleep in...and if I can manage it, bike 45min; run 1.5hr
TOTAL = 14hr (11.75hr if you subtract Sun)

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