Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Holy Mother of God

After a horribly painful massage on Sunday, I realized that my muscles are all bunched up into tight little wads of cramping twitching swolleness. While picking up another pair of running shoes this afternoon, I finally purchased one of these:My very own foam roller! I've used one off and on at the gym over the past few years, but they are hard to find there, and it has always hurt so much that I don't do it again for months and months. With one sitting right next to the couch, maybe I'll be inclined to use it more often. So after my workouts and bath this evening I gave it a whirl. HOLY SHITEBALLS! I was crying and bitching so loudly that we were wondering if the neighbors would come knocking at the door. I made it about 10 minutes. Hopefully this will get easier over time.

Other than the self-torture, the week is off to an interesting start. I rested yesterday as planned (with the exception of 2 hours of weeding). Today I swam at lunch. And after work, well, let's just say that 2 cups of black beans for lunch is not at all conducive to an evening run. I opted to ride the trainer for 40 minutes where I was safely near all the comforts that home offers.

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Molly said...

Aren't those insanely painful? I have one of those and a Quadballer (from Triggerpoint Therapy) that I use and there just seems to be no end to pain. As much as sports massages hurt more, I prefer them because at least then I am not in charge of causing myself pain, you know?!