Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week 8 Plan

Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - Swim 2500m, Run 1:00 Z2
Wednesday - Bike 0:45 Z2, quick transition, Run, 0:15 Z2
Thursday - Swim 2500m, Bike 1:00 Z1 100+ rpm
Friday - Run 1:00 Z2
Saturday - Bike 2:00 Z2
Sunday - Run 1:00 Z1-Z2

Monday I rested. Tuesday I swam 1500m and did a 30+ minute run/walk with Ken. Today my body hates me and I'll probably take another rest day. I got my monthly blood work back (I'm on accutane and have to get regular liver function tests) and my enzymes are sky high. I'm also anemic again. And I have now developed a dual eye infection. Caused from the murky manky water of Blue Lake no doubt. I feel like crapzilla and think more will be accomplished by drinking hot tea and knitting than would be by pounding myself down further.

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