Sunday, June 21, 2009

End of Week 8

The last 2 weeks have been pretty low volume. Time to turn this ship around! Although, I am trying to train "smart" this year and listen to my body instead of having too many illnesses and injuries to count on both hands. 2009 = Happy and Healthy!

Week 8 recap:
Mon - rest
Tue - swam 1500m, ran 2.4mi, yardwork (it counts!)
Wed - unscheduled rest day
Thu - lifted (ouch!), unscheduled rest day otherwise
Fri - ran 3.55mi
Sat - rode 16.2mi
Sun - ran 4.76mi
TOTAL TIME = 5.08 hours

Week 9 plan:
Mon - rest
Tue - swim 60min, run 60min
Wed - bike 45min, run 15min
Thu - swim 60min, bike 1hr
Fri - run 1hr
Sat - bike 2hr45min
Sun - run 1hr15min

Two more weeks until I head into the Build Phase. Eek!!!! My base fitness isn't ideal, but I knew that it wouldn't be this year. That's what happens when you get the Ironman bug right away. I'm in year 3 of triathlon...and only about a year since being in the "obese" category. Hopefully I'll be doing triathlons, specifically ironmans, years and years from now and will only get better with age. :-)

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