Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weeks 25 & 26

Week 25
5/21/2012 - 5/27/2012
Most of this week was spent tying up loose ends at work and prepping for our annual pilgrimage to the Lochsa River in Idaho.  We make the trek out there each Memorial Day weekend for camping, reconnecting with friends, natural hot springs, and big whitewater.  Hauling a big belly around made things a bit different this year, but it was still awesome.  Sleeping on the ground was slightly challenging (my hips ache just thinking about it!), but all of the fresh air more than made up for it.
Some photos these days leave me totally shocked with my jaw on the ground, while others make me think "okay, I'm looking about where I should be".  This week's photo is more of the jaw dropping variety.  But here's one below that I think is more representative.  If I'm completely delusional, just don't mention it, mmkay?  Sorry Facebook friends, as these are repeats of what you have already seen.
Milestones: Nothing monumental this week.  I have started monitoring my blood glucose levels.  This is an option for me through my midwives instead of taking the glucose tolerance test (GTT).  So for 2-3 weeks I get to prick my finger 4 times a day and see how sweet my blood is.  Since I'm a total data-whore, I don't mind this too much.  I have an awesome spreadsheet going already.  And so far, things are looking pretty good!
Size of Meatball: About a pound and a half, I suppose.
Symptoms:  Swelling and the general feeling that someone inflated me with saltwater.  And injected my legs with lead.
Food cravings: Mostly sweet foods and cheese.
Food aversions: Nothing new here.
Exercise: 1 run and a bunch of walking and activity around camp.
Weight gain: I was up a total of 9 pounds (compared to pre-pregnancy) at the beginning of this week, but am pretty sure I gained another few pounds while traveling.  I spared myself the misery of getting on the scale once returning home.
Other random crap:
- Sleeping on the ground at almost 6 months pregnant isn't too fun.  But with 4 pillows and a 4" paco pad, it's very manageable.  However, 9+ hours of driving each way?  No amount of pillows can make that tolerable.
- I was comparing recent pictures to belly photos from about a month ago and had my warped reality come crashing in around me.  I thought I was "sooooo huge" at the time.  Hahaha.  Makes me wonder what I'll be thinking in 2-3 months from now.

Week 26
5/28/2012 -  6/3/2012
We're on a vacation binge right now.  Two days after returning from Idaho, we were re-packing and boarding the plane to Kauai for a babymoon.  (Does anyone else hate that term?)  We came back to the the south shore of the island to Poipu, at the exact same hotel (and almost exact same room) as our honeymoon.  Ken has his preggo-dar on full alert and has spotted at least 6 other soon-to-be mommas lounging around the property.  Considering there are only like 120 rooms, and the hotel isn't booked solid, that's a pretty high ratio.  I think it's great seeing all of the growing and changing bellies waddling about in bikinis!  And speaking of baby belly in a bikini...
And even though I swore I would only share this next photo with my closest friends and family, I decided that I should just embrace it.  It was Ken's idea, obviously.
I'm working on a belly montage that I'll share when we return from vacation.  There are some hilarious ones, and also disturbing ones, in there.
Milestones:  I read somewhere that baby girl has started opening her eyes and can tell light from dark.  But I'm not buying it, because she doesn't stop rockin' & rollin' after the sun goes down at all.  Or when the sun comes up for that matter.
Size of Meatball: According to, she's about 1 1/3 pound and 14 inches.
Symptoms:  Swelling/bloat and heartburn.
Food cravings: I was finally able to satisfy my craving for eggs benedict from the Koa Kea.  Just as good as I remember!
Food aversions: Same things, but now french fries are also completely revolting.  I've only had them once this entire pregnancy, but now I can't hardly stand to watch other people eat them either.
Exercise: Nothing structured, but lots of walking, swimming, and snorkeling.
Weight gain: No clue.  I have defriended the scale for awhile until we're done traveling. If I had to guess, I would say around 15 pounds total.  Maybe 20, depending on how badly the travel bloat really is.
Other random crap:
- The car rental lady in Kauai had some nice things to say.  It went something like this (in her Hawaiian accent and big toothy grin): "Whoa Momma! You gonna have a big one just like us on da island.  A 12 pounder, mmhmm."  Awesome.
- It's true that you become clumsy and sort of lose your sense of balance later in pregnancy.  Foggy goggles, flippers, and crashing waves don't help the situation at all.  Come on down to Poipu Beach for the comedy show this week!

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Fish's Blog said...

Way to go Ken for having you post the pics. Be proud of what you have in the oven. She will be worth the clumsiness. And you should be proud of the body that caries the little one inside.