Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weeks 23 & 24

Week 23
5/7/2012 - 5/13/2012
Milestones: My first Mother's Day!  I'm not sure if this year really counts, but Ken and my Mom made me feel extra special.  And the messages from friends had me smiling all day.
Size of Meatball: Over a pound and a foot long.
Symptoms: Cankles.  Awesome.
Food cravings: Artichokes.  I want them for dinner every night.
Food aversions: Still the "c" words.  A few random things make me think "ewwww", but clearly my food aversions aren't enough to overcome my gluttony.  (See below for weight gained this week.)
Exercise: 1 bike, 2 runs, and 1 strength workout.   Not impressive by any means, but I was out of town for 5 days, which pretty much derailed my good intentions.
Weight gain: Up 2.6 pounds this week!  That's seriously embarrassing.  In my defense, I was in Atlanta for work most of the week.  Two long flights, sitting on my ass for 10+ hours a day, and eating crap food really took its toll.  Overall gain this pregnancy is 6.6 pounds.
Other random crap:
- We are leaving in a couple of weeks for a Hawaiian vacation.  It will be our last trip of just the two of us for quite some time (aka "baby moon").  So I started swimsuit shopping this week.  Let's just say that trying on bikinis, combined with my new found cankles, really had my self-esteem sky rocketing.
- We headed to the farmers market over the weekend to enjoy fresh produce and the sunshine.  We spread a blanket out on the grass for lunch in the park.  Things were going great until I rolled onto my belly without thinking.  Rather, I tried to roll onto my belly.  Ken, after nearly choking on his lunch, described it as something like a human teeter-totter.  Can't you just envision that self-esteem climbing? 
Week 24
5/14/2012 - 5/20/2012

Milestones: Viability!  This means that if baby girl were to make an entrance into the world, she has a chance of surviving and they would make efforts to save her.  However, I hope that she stays in there for a long time and doesn't come out until fully baked.
Size of Meatball: Still over a pound and a foot long.  Apparently they gain about 3 ounces this week.  Considering that's almost 20% of their body weight, it's quite a growth spurt.  I wish I could blame all of this weight gain on her.
Symptoms:  Since I am prone to over sharing, I might as well put this out there.  Gas.  A lot of it.  Ken has made the mistake (twice) of curling up near my legs on the couch.  Poor guy.
Food cravings: Banana bread and coconut ice cream.  Also, watermelon again, so it isn't all bad.
Food aversions: Same old stuff, but some of the nausea has come back this week.  I just eat what I can.
Exercise: 1 run, 2 bikes, and 1 strength.  One of those bikes was an awesome 27 miles with my friend Jessica.  She was very gracious and didn't complain when my speed topped out around 12 mph.  That's a sign of a good friend for sure.  And yes, I still have my IMAZ sticker on my bike.  It makes me feel good.  (Actually, I'm just lazy.  I haven't cleaned the gel spills off the frame yet either.  So what.)
Weight gain: I don't want to play this game anymore.
Other random crap:
- For those of you who are pregnant, make sure to not touch the urine dipstick against your skin at your prenatal appointments.  Apparently "girl bacteria" can contaminate the sample and cause false positives for bad things.  I may or may not have had a horrendous panicky 15 minutes at the beginning of an appointment this week.
- If you have been thinking "gosh, she sure looks big for only 24 weeks", you would be correct.  And thank you very much for keeping it to yourself.  My uterus is measuring quite large (29 cm at 23.5 weeks).  No cause for alarm yet, but I don't think I can blame my size on a bad camera angle anymore.

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