Friday, July 22, 2011

The Weekly Un-Update

No more weekly updates for awhile.  I'm always late posting them anyway.  And honestly, there's not a whole lot of excitement going on with my workouts right now.  I had a few weeks of recovery, gluttony, and weight gain.  Now it's back to base training and building back up for Round 2.

So...I'm going to focus more on gear reviews, nutrition ideas, and addressing issues that us average age groupers and back-of-packers face throughout training and racing.  No topic is off-limits for me, so if you have any questions or ideas - send an email to

I'm also working on a blog over-haul.  A spring cleaning of sorts.  Hey, it's summer here, but the weather clearly is still very spring-like.  But I'm not very tech-savvy when it comes to this internets thing.  Got ideas or want to use your skillz to help me?  Send an email to the address above!

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CautiouslyAudacious said...

Good luck in your new training round! I still haven't figured out the whole blog page thing either I'm always searching other peoples blogs for ideas but then don't how to do some of the stuff....