Friday, July 22, 2011

Recovery Drink

As I have eluded to in previous posts, I'm giving the whole Paleo Diet thing a shot.  Which makes getting in enough protein somewhat of a challenge, since I can't have anything dairy-based.  Enter in...egg white protein powder.  Find it in your local whole food store, or whole foods section with all of the supplements.

I swear this concoction tastes almost like an Orange Julius.  Remember that sugary goodness from the 90s?  I have no idea if they are still around, but mmmmm.  The secret to the yumminess is to use frozen bananas instead of ice.  So you know those half-rotting bananas you have laying around, that you keep intending to make banana bread with, but never get around to it?  Peel em and freeze em!  I keep a huge ziplock of them in my freezer.  And another huge ziplock of pre-sliced, pre-peeled oranges.  The other secret is to use coconut water or coconut milk instead of water if you need to thin it out a bit.  Or 100% fruit juice like pineapple.

protein powder
frozen nanners
fresh or frozen orange slices (peeled, obviously)
any other fruit you have around (blueberries, strawberries, even watermelon)
fruit juice, coco water, or coco milk

Blend to your desired consistency and enjoy!  Sassy red nails are optional.

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