Monday, June 27, 2011

IMCdA 2011 - I Did It!

I'm not eloquent enough to adequately describe the final run down Sherman Avenue to the finish line.  The last few hours of this Ironman were rough for me.  Maybe the hardest thing I have ever physically been through.  But all of that was erased in the last 2 minutes of the marathon.  And replaced with one of the most awesome things I have ever emotionally been through.

Race report is in the works.  Stay tuned.


Jessica said...

Congratulations, Sarah! I know the day is what it gives you and I had some friends really struggling out there yesterday. But they all persevered and finished and that is all that matters!

sallyaston said...

Congrats! Looking forward tot he details! :-)

Duane said...

Looking forward to your report!