Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A New Start

I finally did what I don't do very often.  I admitted that I'm not capable of doing something myself.  And I'm so happy that I did.  There was no way that I was going to get to the starting line, let alone the finish line, of IMCdA on the path that I was on.  Thankfully, Elizabeth from Multisport Mastery agreed to take me on.  Blogger world, meet coach.  From now through June (and possibly November), she is the madness behind my method.

Week 1 started off with a bang, but not one loud enough to completely scare me away.  For the first time (ever!) I nailed all of my scheduled workouts.  And it felt like every single minute had a purpose.  No junk miles.  No lillydallying on the trainer while texting friends, or stopping at the wall every 50m to chat with someone in the lane next to me.  So I'm kicking up my compression sock covered feet and basking in the awesomeness of a solid week.  For like 5 minutes.  Because week 2 is getting underway.

Swim: 5500 meters
Bike: 56.25 miles (trainer miles, estimated at 15mph)
Run: 14.55 miles
Total: 8.63 hours

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Molly said...

Liz will get you there and ready for sure - have LOVED working with her!