Sunday, February 20, 2011

Figuring It Out

I'm baaaack.  Hello again, interwebz.  The hiatus was much needed, and now I'm TOTALLY REJUVENATED.  And by TOTALLY REJUVENATED, I mean "really freakin tired and I'm going to just fake it until I believe it".  I naively thought that taking a break from structured workouts, blogging, and the seemingly unimportant parts of life would magically make things calm and structured and less crazy.  Hahahahahaha.  It's okay, you don't have to hide your snickering.  In reality, it just made more time available for the things that were stressing me out in the first place.  And suddenly my calendar wasn't open for things like lunch dates and happy hour and drawn out phone conversations with my homegirls.  And, um, running/biking/swimming.

So, I'm back.  And I know that my millions of blogger fans have missed me.  What?  You haven't?  Oh...  Regardless, I've missed me.  Clearly, I haven't figured out how to balance everything and make it work.  But like everything else that has happened over the last 30+ years, I'll Figure It Out.  I always do.

With just over 4 months to go until Ironman Coeur d'Alene, I've got some major catching up to do.  Instead of following Fink's "Be Iron Fit" 30-week plan, I'm jumping ship and using a 20-week plan.  I need something different this time around.  Less predictable and more interesting.  And you know, there's like only 20-weeks left.  I'm not sure exactly which 20-week plan I'll be using.  But I'll figure it out.  Hey, maybe I'll even get a coach.  And I'm not totally starting from scratch here.  I've been training about 4-8 hours a week, depending on whether I worked until 5pm or 9pm.  And depending on how many 12am-3am phone calls I received.  I've been in the pool a few times, been riding 20-40 miles on Saturdays, and getting reacquainted with the running kicks gifted to me c/o Mother Nature.  So stay tuned for weekly training updates and my progress towards becoming a 2x Ironman.

And really, what's the worst that can happen here?  It would be not crossing the finish line before midnight.  In the wide world of life, if that's the worst thing that can happen to me, I've got it pretty damn good.  To quote Norman Stadler, "I have no powa [power]".  Oh wait wrong quote.  Let's try this again, "tomorrow will come and the sun will still rise and the sun will still set".  Or something like that.  He's a wise one, that Norman.

In case you're wondering what I've been up for the last month or so:

I went to Mexico with my Mom.  Where I did actually work out a few times.  I also drank about 300 margaritas.  So we'll just call that a wash.

I became a Luchador.
I took up whitewater kayaking again.  Because, you know, I have this abundance of free time that is just begging for more activities.  Paddling is almost as good for the soul as early morning fall runs on crunchy leaves through red, orange, and yellow trees.
 I had a great day with my family in Tacoma.  I love them.
 I made cuppycakes!
And redecorated the bedroom.  It's a work in progress, actually.  For instructions on how to make an awesome headboard like this one, go here.
And lots of other things that I didn't take pictures of.  Thanks for coming back to read my ramblings after the self-imposed time out.  Hang on, because it's going to get a tad cuckoo for the next 20 weeks!

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Molly said...

Good to see you back and back at training!!!