Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 1 Recap: Can I get a do-over?

Last week I did a total cannon-ball off the wagon.  It was full of missed workouts, late nights at work, take-out for lunches and dinners, more missed workouts, and a few more unhealthy choices.  This isn't the way that I envisioned my training kicking off.  All I can do is put it behind me and try harder this week.

Memorable training moments
There were a couple of gems this week in spite of the training/nutrition disaster.

- I went back to barefoot running.  Although it's too cold for skin-to-pavement contact, I strapped on my Luna sandals and went for an easy jog.  No music, no heart rate monitor, just me and the purple/red sunset with Mt. Hood fading into the darkness.  And I came across another barefoot runner while I was out there.  I think there are like 3 of us in Vancouver.  We chatted for a little while and went on our way.  Maybe a future running partner!
- On Sunday I braved the blustery weather for my long run.  Cold!  Wind!  The plan was to do the 5.25 mile loop through Officers Row, Fort Vancouver, and the waterfront.  But once the sun peaked out and warmed things up a bit, I had no interest in stopping.  So I kept going and ended up with about 10 miles for the day.

Plan vs. Actual

Swim: 0 meters - some things never change...
Bike: 27.5 miles - all on the trainer, and on par with previous weeks
Run: 12.32 miles - I skipped 2 entire days of scheduled running
Strength: 0.67 hours
Total = 4.88 hours

Weight loss: 1.2 GAIN for the week (GRRRR!!!!  But brew fest, you were totally worth it.), 1.6 total, 23.4 to go

Week 2 Plan:
Mon - rest
Tue - swim 1:00, run 0:30
Wed - bike 0:30, brick run 0:15 (+ strength)
Thu - swim 1:00, bike 0:30
Fri - run 0:45 (+ strength)
Sat - bike 1:00
Sun - run 1:00
TOTAL = 7:00

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, I think we all go through those peaks & valleys, especially in the winter/holiday season. Too many temptations. ;-) Have you heard of the Barefoot Runners Society ( We are an online community of barefoot/minimalist runners (including some triathletes!). I think you would find some kindred spirits in our ranks. Doesn't cost any to visit or join. ;-) Cheers and good running!