Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ironman Eve

I woke up this morning, packed my gear bags, and headed out for my last training run of the season. 15 whole minutes. It finally felt smooth and fluid. A huge relief after yesterday's struggle to do 2 miles. Then I rode the bike down to the expo to check in my bike and drop of T1 and T2 bags. It took a lot of restraint to not go barreling down Rio Salado for miles and miles and miles. The one thing that I am looking forward to most tomorrow (aside from the finish line and Mike Reilly's voice) is getting on my bike for all of those hours. I miss it! We did one more quick pass through the merchandise tent (still haven't purchased any IMAZ gear), and now I'm back at home. Topping off the fuel tanks and kicking my feet up. Maybe some lounging by the pool. I have a bit more bag packing to do, then an early dinner, and a really early bedtime.

If the 140.6 miles isn't intimidating enough for you, the bags and drop-offs and lines will certainly put you over the edge.
I think I'm holding it together pretty well. The only near-panic of the day was when I looked down at my watch during the run and saw "Tomorrow IMAZ". So I started my mantra of the day...BREATHE.Here's me in the transition area, making friends with other nervous peeps."Really? I have to put my bag way over there? And then this other bag goes way over there? And then I walk this way over to there and then through that thing and then back around. Okay, what?"Whew, done!
I'm signing off now until Monday sometime. When I really hope that I've crossed this line and I can tell you all that "I am an Ironman".

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