Friday, November 20, 2009


Another fun day! Practice swim again this morning. With the sleeveless this time. It's faster, but colder. The full-sleeve bunches up in the back...not sure why I didn't figure this out sooner. It causes enough drag that it's a noticeable time difference compared to the sleeveless. I'll make a game time decision in the morning.
We checked out where my bike will be racked.
We did some more expo shopping with my Mom and Debbie...the shopping list keeps growing. :-) Later on I went for a short run. It sorta sucked, so that wasn't very inspiring. Just getting the kinks out I guess. Then it was on to the athlete welcome dinner. Awesome! Mike Reilly is hilarious, the oldest/youngest competitors were introduced (the oldest man is so freakin darling), all of us first timers got to stand up, then the biggest loser competition was held. I got to stand through 50 pounds...the winner has lost 110 pounds! Wow!
The mandatory briefing was a total waste of time. And verrrrry cold. All you spectators, make sure to bundle up for the evening. An hour later (and 2 cups of hot cocoa) and I'm still chilled.

Tomorrow is a 15min run, 15min bike, check in the bike, check in the transition bags. Then sit in the condo with my feet up and try to r.e.l.a.x.

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