Thursday, August 20, 2009

Midweek Update

This week is quite stellar so far. For the first time in training, I'm feeling consistently strong each day. This just propels more motivation and confidence, which helps me get through the next workout. Yeah, I'm fucking tired. But I'm getting through each session without crashing. Now if only I could do something about this appetite. Seriously. I've been going back for thirds at dinner...and then eating Ken's left overs. He has started making me a pre-dinner. Tonight before the time trial, I ate half a loaf of uncooked garlic bread. I was like a starving child from a third-world country who hasn't eaten in 3 days. Except for I'm not starving and it had only been 3 hours since my last meal. I need to lose about 10 more pounds to be comfortable for Ironman, so this is not a good thing.

My week so far:

Swim: 5:45am, 00:59:40, 2600 meters
I finally got to workout with Jon. It's been awhile. I felt strong and efficient in the pool, and was able to hold a 1:55 pace without effort. I know there is more efficiency that I can gain with some additional corrections to my form, so I'm really excited.

Run: 6:10pm, 00:38:57, 3.31 miles
This was a slog. It was hot and I was tired from not taking a rest day. But with Hood-to-Coast around the corner, I knew that I needed to get this in. Still, a 11:46/mile is better than the 12:30/mile about a month ago. I'll take it.

Run: 6:00am, 00:46:48, 4 miles
Track workout:
Warmup - 1 mile
3x - 0.5 mile fast, 0.25 mile recovery
Cooldown - 1mile

Swim: 5:50am, 00:56:37, 2600 meters
Again, this was effortless.
Warmup - 250m swim, 250m kick
Drill - 8 x 50m, 15sec rest
Main set - 8 x 50m (1:50 pace), 15sec rest, 600m (1:55 pace), 8 x 50m (1:50 pace), 15 sec rest
Drill - 4 x 50m, 15sec rest
Cool down - 100m

Bike: 6:00pm, 00:45:00, 10.20 miles
On the trainer. With oodles of wedding stuff in the background. Maybe by IM I'll have less around the middle!

Transition: 5 minutes

Run: 6:50pm, 00:28:22, 2.24 miles
HOT brick run. I saw some lively encouraging people though, so that was nice.

Bike 1: to and from the time trial, 00:49:30, 11.86 miles

Bike 2: Vancouver Bike Club Time Trial, 00:27:58, 10 miles = 21.5 mph!!!
I've been trying to hit a 21 mph average all dang summer long. Two weeks ago I missed it by 7 stupid seconds. Today, despite a wicked headwind and some yucky crosswinds, I was determined. I repeated to myself over and over again, "pedal harder bitch." This was in between garlic bread burps, which I don't recommend. Why is it that now that I look at my time, I can't help but think "well, only 42 seconds away from 22 mph..." The bummer about meeting a goal is that now you have to meet a harder goal. :-)

Total time for the week so far = 5.96 hours. Week 17 is going to be a good one!

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Molly said...

Nice job!!! I hear you on the hunger's getting kind of ridiculous. :)