Tuesday, August 18, 2009


At the end of week 16 I felt pretty good. Tired, but good. Despite a couple of missed workouts due to life, I managed almost 10.5 hours of training. I was shooting for 13, but 10.5 is okay with me. Speaking of tired, I have been falling asleep in some pretty inappropriate places. At my desk, in meetings, on the toilet, on the phone, eating dinner. Is everyone else this tired? I suspect it's time to hit the iron supplements again.

Some highlights from last week:
-- I ran a 5.25 mile loop by my house over 5 minutes faster than before, for a pace of 10:50...and I felt great doing it.
-- I can swim again! I've been seeing a new masters coach 1x/week to get me back to where I should be. I call him my "rocket propulsion specialist" because it now feels like I have a jet pack strapped to my back. I keep checking my watch against the pool clock just to make sure. It's awesome. I lose my groove every once in awhile, but I'm hopeful that I'll be able to finish the IM swim in a respectable time.
-- My Saturday ride with Julie Unruly (Ken's nickname for her). We did the 65 mile RACC route in Clark County. It's the one route that I'm not sick of right now. Some good hills, not much traffic, and relaxing scenery. Here's me at a quick break, courtesy of Unruly.
Week 17 Plan:
Mon - rest (swam and ran)
Tue - swim 60min (did it Mon), run 60min (done)
Wed - swim 60min, bike 45min, brick run 30min
Thu - bike 75min (will do the VBC time trial, plus ride there and back)
Fri - swim 60min (optional), run 75min
Sat - bike 3.5hr, brick run 30min
Sun - bike 1hr, run 75min, swim lesson 60min
TOTAL = 14:00

I'm starting out the week at 167.5 lb. Although, I have a hunch that the recent mass consumption of zucchini bread, zucchini muffins, and chocolate zucchini cake are going to catch up to me before next week. No measurements again this week. Here's the photo:

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Molly said...

I know *I* am that tired. Waking up early is getting hard even when I go to bed early. And yet I can't bring myself to nap, so I just crash at bedtime again. Right when our BIG mileage begins - ack!