Sunday, June 7, 2009

A "Shorter" Saturday Ride

After a week of some stomach yuckiness, I decided to ride a bit easier on Saturday. So we opted for a flatter route (from Camas to Vancouver Lake to about 5 miles past Frenchman's Bar and then back to Camas) and I decided to keep it at 50 miles or less. I love it that 50 miles is now considered a "shorter ride". Yay for Ironman training. :-) As usual, Jenn was fabulous company and made the time fly by. She continued on to get her 5.5 hours in for the day -- in 2 weeks she'll be doing the Livestrong Century Ride in Seattle, WA. If you are interested, here is her donation page:

Bike: 7:45am, 02:58:54, 46.19 miles

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