Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Week Bites the Dust

Only 24 weeks left until the Big Day. *GULP* Yes, that may seem far off in the distance, but it's going to come up fast. However, I'm finally feeling like "yeah, I can do this thing".

I had a breakthrough in my running today! It's very easily my least favorite of the three disciplines. I'm not good at running, my body isn't built very well for it, and I have a difficult time making any speed gains. But today was great! Most of my runs since training started have been in the 12-13 min/mile pace. Partly because I'm trying to keep my HR in zone 2, but also partly because I just couldn't go much faster. Today I left the HRM at home and went on perceived exertion. And I finished a 6-mile run at around a 10:30 pace! Woohoo!

Swim: 10:00am, 00:17:00, 800 meters
OWS at Klineline. Time and distance are estimates. There was also a fair time (not logged) spent playing around in the water. I love being in the water with no training purpose. I could do handstands, flips, teaparties, etc. all day long.

Run: 11:00am, 01:03:49, 6.00 miles

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Duane said...

It's coming fast, keep going! Good job on your run!