Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cali Trip

Ken and I headed down to northern California last weekend for a mini-holiday. We had plans to attend a wedding, as well as spend some quality time with my family. We left Portland on Thursday afternoon where it was overcast/sprinkling/windy and arrived SUNNY California!
Cute photo of my Mom:
The view from my parent's house:I managed to get in some short runs, as well as an open water swim at Hidden Valley Lake. The rest of the time was filled with cards, yard darts, and eating. Mostly oreos.
Me getting into the cold lake without a wetsuit:
My brother and I taking a break from beer & yard darts:
The wedding was that of an old high school friend and it was nice to see so many faces from the past. Sadly, we had to head back home on Sunday night and back to reality...

Ken and I before Drea & Jared's wedding:

On the way home from the wedding, being goofy in Napa Valley:

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