Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Week 39

I'm only including 1 week in this post, in hopes that there won't need to be a "Week 40" update.  Wishful thinking, I know.

Week 39
8/27/2012 - 9/2/2012
Milestones: Wowie, it's September!  Our official birth month!
Size of Meatball: Well that's one of the million dollar questions right now.  But I'm pretty sure she's in the normal range of sizes.
Baby Position: LOT at my last appointment.  Her head is down, but sideways.  Not ideal, but better than posterior.  She'll likely turn in labor.
Labor Signs: Same old stuff.  We amped up the volume at acupuncture this week.  And while it didn't get labor going, I'm hopeful that it is helping with stress/relaxation levels and certainly can't hurt when it comes to an easier birth experience.
Exercise: Again, lots of walking and bouncing on the exercise/birth ball.  Sadly, I didn't get to the pool this week.  It sounds nice, but when it comes down to it, I'm just not that motivated.  Heh, a lot like when I'm training for Ironman.
Weight gain: Well...there was the "peach pie incident" this week, so I decided to avoid the scale and see if everything evens out next week.
Other random crap:
- I seriously should not be allowed in Joann Fabrics whilst pregnant.  My preggo hormones do not mix kindly with the grumpy hate-their-job workers (nor with the clueless crazy-cat-lady shoppers who insist on pushing their overloaded shopping carts down each and every crowded isle), but at least I didn't make anyone cry this week.
- I keep rewriting my emergency birth plan (in case of a hospital birth) and realize that I feel really really sorry for whatever hospital staff has to deal with me in that situation.  I'm already difficult and demanding under the best of circumstances.  Crossing my fingers that cookies go a long way with them.
- I stuck it out for 39 weeks, but finally caved this past weekend.  Yes, I went and bought some big girl panties.  Like BIG big.  There may have been tears and an emotional breakdown involved, but my undergarments are no longer cutting off circulation to important body parts.  Success!


Molly said...

Gosh I can't believe you're almost there!!! So exciting!

Jessica said...

Your baby girl belly is amazing. I have loved watching your "journey" and it's so refreshing to see someone actually embrace their pregnancy -- the good and the bad.