Sunday, March 13, 2011

Can you say "Anaerobic"?

This past week was a recovery week.  Or at least a twisted version of one.  It was also a test week, which meant that I spent 3 of the 6 training days getting acquainted with my lactate threshold.  Low volume but high intensity.  Now it's time to spend Sunday afternoon rocking the compression socks and some Jersey Shore on Netflix.  Don't judge.
Swim Test
The first up was the swim test on Tuesday.  I hate very strongly dislike swimming hard.  It's, well, hard.  I always end up with water up my sinuses, my lungs burning, and my heartbeat pounding out of my ears.  I also knew deep down that if I didn't have someone in the pool with me, there was a strong possibility that I wouldn't finish the test.  My good friend Jeff came out to swim with me.  And since he's quite a bit faster, he was able to do the workout with me, work the lap buttons on the Garmin, and play cheerleader.  I got the test done, although I was slower than I had hoped.  But that just means I have ample room for improvement.  I'm almost (almost!) looking forward to the next test to see how much time I knock off the pace.

Bike Test
Thursday night was the bike test.  Since it was dark and raining I had to do this one on the trainer.  Knowing that the television annoys me once I hit zone 4, I cranked up my headphones and did my best to focus and just absorb the pain.  Funny thing, I LOVE hurting on the bike.  Time trials are my happy place.  Except for when it involves hills.  Then I'll take sprints in the pool any day.  I passed this test too (thanks Eminem and Kanye!) and now I have a fresh set of heart rate zones to train with.

Run Test
Test week culminated with the run test on Sunday morning.  My boss was awesome and joined me at the track to help get me through it.  I really do have a great support system!  I didn't pass out.  I didn't puke.  I didn't poop my pants (wouldn't that be embarrassing in front of the boss).  Success!

Weekly Stats:
Swim - 4800 meters 
Bike - 35 miles
Run - 11.86 miles
Total - 6.55 hours

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Molly said...

Hey! Great job on your tests! To answer your question about the electrolyte supplement...I'm taking it multiple ways: 2 capsules every morning, 2 more after any hard threshold-type workout (improved recovery, decreased soreness), and then 2/hr for any ride/run over 2 hours as I think it helps sustain the electrolyte levels better during the big workouts. So when I get to my IM training rides and runs I'll be using it during for sure. The nice part is it's all natural - just a seaweed algae extract - so I think it hits the body pretty fast rather than taking a long time to digest.

Keep up the good work!