Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly Update

A year ago last night, I became an Ironman.  A lot of people look at it as another race.  Just a day where you are exercising and moving your body for a really long time.  But it's a whole lot more than that.  I will be forever changed, not only because I crossed that finish line, but because of what it took to get there.  And I can't wait to do it all over again!

Memorable training moments from the past week
- An early morning track workout in icy sideways rain.  Not fun, but it meets the "memorable" criteria.
- The most brutal TRX session I've experienced so far.  There were tears, grunts, and cries of agony involved.  I'm sure it wasn't pretty.
- Getting in the pool again.  Only once, but it's a start.


I took 2 mental health days off from training this week.  An overbooked schedule and a string of bad news/bad days warranted some extra sleep and sloth-like activities.  Which means that my weekly volume is short by about 2 hours.  I don't even feel guilty about it, which means I truly needed the time off.

Swim: 1300 meters
Bike: 28.75 miles
Run: 4.71 miles
Strength, etc.: 1.75 hours
TOTAL = 5.12 hours

Body Numbers
Weight loss: 2 lb gain, thanks mostly to those 2 days of couch sitting, napping, and binge eating.  Ugh.  Hopefully it's mostly sodium related and will be back to normal in a day or two.  I'm down 1.2 pounds total.  23.2 to go!
Measurements: Nope, still haven't taken any...

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Jenn said...

Glad I could be part of the 2 memorable training moments last week! :) How is awesome is that~ you have TWO Ironman count downs for next year! Congrats!!