Monday, September 20, 2010

Hanging On

Yikes, a week has passed already?  Despite all my motivation and vigor last Monday, not much transpired over the week as far as training goes.  Except for managing to squeak out 2 big girl pushups during a TRX workout with Jenn.  Here are my dismal totals:

Swim = 0 meters
Bike = 0 miles
Run = 5.25 miles
Strength = 1.25 hours
Total = 2.37 hours

Those of you who know me outside of the interwebs probably notice the glaringly obvious absence of my long run here.  And most of the short runs too.  And, well, anything else really.  Life.  Whatcha gonna do.

I'll cash in my chips next year for Ironman when training trumps all.  Until then, my focus is elsewhere.  Yes, it will show up on race day, on my results, and sadly, on my hips/thighs/stomach.  But I just can't figure out a way to fit it all in right now.  Maybe in a few weeks things will get easier and I'll have a different story to tell.  Until then, I'll be doing what I can.  And maybe you can say a prayer or two for me on October 10.  Because I think it will be the most undertrained event for me since I started doing this sort of thing.  Good times.

And not surprisingly...
Weight - no change
Body fat - no change
Measurements - no change
I'll just be thankful that nothing increased this week.  Small miracles.

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Mike Russell said...

Sarah, life does happen and sometimes training should be priority #2. I love TRX by the way. It is how I get my strength workouts in on the road.