Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chub Wars

Me vs. The Chub. It's on.

3 months post Ironman and I've managed to pack on 9 pounds. Seriously. I swore up, down, and all around that I absolutely would not gain 10 pounds someone so kindly insisted that I would, hmf. And most definitely not the 15-20 lb that seems to find its way onto some post-Ironman bodies. So before I gain one more pound and cross that threshold, I am declaring war on The Chub.

Round 1 - After the craziest busiest several weeks at work, I managed to get out of the office an hour early today. I was tired and wanted to eat comfort food, change into my comfies, and curl up on the couch with some newly acquired yarn. Instead, I put on my Vibrams and headed out for a run. Me = 1, Chub = 0.

Round 2 - Instead of going for a swim, I am curling up with said yarn and a frosty glass of homebrew. Me = 1, Chub = 1.

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