Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Month Bites the Dust

32 days of running! Guess what I'm doing tomorrow? Not running. It was an interesting experiment though. I realized that I can, indeed, get my feet out the door no matter what sort of excuse I try to come up with. The quality of my running probably suffered, my body is feeling the cumulative effects of no rest day in over a month, and my biking and swimming sort of took a back seat. But here are the positives: I still love running, my form has changed (in a good way I think), and I covered 91.5 miles on my feet. While healing from a possible stress fracture. I'll call that a "win".

* Swim 2x/week
* Ride 50 miles/week
* Lose 5 pounds
That doesn't sound so difficult, right?


Melissa said...

Sarah, congratulations on your running streak! I'm glad you're taking some time to get back into cycling and swimming though, lol... I bet your muscles are exhausted!

Good luck on your February goals!

Jon said...

Nice! Keep up the good work!

yobillyboy said...

WOW! You are one tough chick! Keep up the hard work work.

Be good to your body use the best gear you can afford! The race of life is long not a sprint